DAS is Re-Awarded the US Department of Justice Interpreting Contract

Photo of the limestone side of the DOJ building with a brown sign that reads "United States Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building"

Photo credit: Ryan J. Reilly

The United States Department of Justice Criminal Division (DOJ CRM) has re-awarded Deaf Access Solutions their sign language interpreting and CART contract through 2019. DAS is honored to be chosen again to provide services for such an important contract, which supports DOJ employees while they establish and implement federal laws. This division works closely with Congress, the Office of Management and Budget, and the White House, monitoring sensitive areas of law enforcement. Interpreters serving DOJ CRM employees must be highly qualified and ethical to provide the required communication access for meetings, presentations, trainings, interviews, depositions, courtroom proceedings, and other high-pressure settings.

DOJ CRM has contracted with DAS to coordinate three daily onsite interpreters to provide standard and specialized interpreting services. In addition to their regular interpreting responsibilities, one will manage the onsite schedule and logistics. Each interpreter must be nationally certified through RID (CI/CT/CSC) or NAD (Level IV/V) and have either a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field or more than five years of interpreting experience. In addition, DOJ CRM at times requires interpreters with legal certification RID: SCL. DOJ CRM’s needs span all sign language modalities, including, American Sign Language (ASL), Pidgin Signed English (PSE), and Signed English. DAS also provides the most experienced CART writers to serve the agency’s needs.

When we first began providing services to DOJ CRM in 2014, DAS determined that a core set of preferred interpreters would be essential to establishing a long-term relationship. DAS consults often with the DOJ CRM Contracting Officer to evaluate our performance and confirm the interpreters provide the best fit. Through diligent effort and open communication, DAS has assembled a team of skilled professionals who meet the need in these most demanding and highly sensitive interpreting situations, exceeding DOJ’s expectations for both pre-planned and additional requests. This most recent award confirms DAS’ diligent efforts successfully supported DOJ CRM in the past and gives us the opportunity to continue serving them in the years to come.

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