New Addition to the DAS Executive Team

Deaf Access Solutions (DAS) is proud to welcome the addition of Jill Owens, CDI, BA, to the DAS Executive Team as the Director of Consumer Relations and Quality Assurance. As both a deaf consumer and Certified Deaf Interpreter, Jill is well-equipped to support the company in strategizing new ways of developing and maintaining a strong consumer-centric approach to the quality services we provide.

Picture of Jill Owens smilingJill Owens is a distinguished RID Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI) with more than 10 years of experience in serving Deaf, hard-of-hearing and Deaf Blind communities nationally and internationally. Ms. Owens is an alumna of Gallaudet University, holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies. As the Director of Consumer Relations and Quality Assurance, Jill is responsible for promoting and maintaining strong relationships between consumers of our service and the company. She is also responsible for Quality Assurance, ensuring the highest standards in communication access by effectively matching interpreter skill sets to consumer needs. Jill was the former Miss Deaf Georgia, served as the US Olympics awards ceremony coordinator, and a former NAD delegate.



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