DAS Hosts DC Interpreter Happy Hour!

DAS photo collage, two pictures containing the smiling faces of two groups. On the left is Kelli Grant, Jessica Clark, Sonya Chavis, Karl Kosiorek. On the right is Sylvia Imbarlina, Rachel Birr Cordova, Bethany Brasfield, Grace Rupani, and Julie LeMaster

On July 15th, the DAS team hosted a happy hour as one way of saying thank you for all the hard work the interpreters provide supporting our mutual clients and consumers. It was hosted at the Bluejacket Brewery, by the waterfront in Washington, DC and we provided a wide range of appetizers and drinks. The happy hour was well attended; all were thrilled to get a refreshing drink out of the humid DC air. We came together as a diverse group, working freelancers, contract leads, staff and management all enjoyed some face-to-face time. We also were able to test out our new selfie-sticks before we gave them away at the August Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) conference in New Orleans. Keep an eye out for our next DAS Happy Hour! We would love to see your smiling face there! Details to come soon.

See more pictures from the event on our Facebook page.

DAS is unique among interpreter agencies because we provide American Sign Language Interpreters that are not only nationally RID certified but also internally pre-screened to ensure they are able to fluently communicate for any consumer equally. By planning and providing events such as these, DAS hopes to convey the genuine appreciation we have for the skilled interpreters who represent our company and quality standard in the community everyday. If you are interested in joining the DAS team, whether in the DC area or another region we serve, please contact us today at opportunities@deafaccess.com

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